Say goodbye to panty lines


Anyone who knows me knows that comfort comes before anything! When Chantelle approached me to try out their Soft Stretch collection, to be honest I was already sold at “soft”, but of course I still wanted to try it out for myself especially since they claim to be one-size-fits-all. While I’ve always been open to the idea of one-size fits-all clothing, I’ve also been a bit of a skeptic. I never could wrap my head around the fact that a one-sized garment could fit people of all shapes and sizes. But, boy was I ever proven wrong with the Soft Stretch line!


You can definitely tell they did their research to create an innovative wardrobe staple (I’m still shocked that I had never heard of the brand previously!). Seriously, not only does the fabric feel luxurious, but you can literally stretch it to every which way all the way to Texas and its shape stays in tact! Also, at no point did I feel like the fabric was see-through even while being stretched.


I was pleasantly surprised when the crop top and underwear fit me like a glove because at a first glance I was convinced that there was no possible way they would fit me. I expected it to be too loose because lets just say I’m not incredibly blessed in both regions, but honestly they hugged every baby curve of mine perfectly!



Not only is their line super stretchy, but the fabric is seamless! You no longer have to worry about whether or not your co-workers can see your panty lines through your skirt or dress when you’re giving your presentation. There’s no doubt that every boss lady would feel confident in this set!


The crop top has also become my go to t-shirt and at-home bra. Ladies of the web hear this, I no longer have that urge to rip off my bra right when I get home! To be honest I completely forget that I’m even wearing it, it’s that comfy and soft! Honestly, if I could be enveloped by this material I would be the the first in line for that experience. The silkiness of the material, gives you luxurious vibes, while still remaining practical. My dream combo! The only tiny qualm with the pieces I received was that they are quite prone to wrinkles, but I was able to steam them out without a fuss.



Also included in this range are a non-wired bra, tank top and body suits. The entire Soft Stretch collection comes in several shades such as nude, pinks and baby blues. Of course when I had the choice I chose all black because I’m a basic b****, but I’m going to be needing to pick one up in every colour after such a positive experience! I must say my favourite piece was definitely the panties. The high cut is super flattery, while feeling like I’m wearing nothing! Who needs to go commando when you got these babies?


Seriously these are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe! Any one of these pieces could step up someone’s game. Who says you can’t feel comfortable and sexy all at the same time?


Thank you Chantelle for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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